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Up Sponge Filter

Up Sponge Filter



Aquaworld sponge filter is made of high-quality bio sponge with an enormous surface area, it can absorb dirty substances and also cultivate beneficial bacteria. The sponge filter is very fine so fish fry will not be stuck in it which makes it very ideal when raising fish fry. Do clean the filter regularly with aquarium water to prevent beneficial bacteria from dying. This product has to be connected to an air pump, or water pump for it to function properly.


  • Adopt precise bio-sponge with an enormous surface area. It can absorb all dirty substances and cultivate nitrobacteria, which are responsible for the quick decomposition of harmful substances.
  • Ideal for the breed of discus, dwarf cichlid, guppy, killifish...etc
  • It can help to filter in any tank or naked tank (no sand in the tank)


  • Connect to an air pump or water pump (air pump and the water pump is not included)
  • Can also be used in conjunction with another filter, just connect to the inlet of the filter.
  • Do open and wash the sponge regularly with aquarium water to ensure optimum performance


Small - 55mm x H 40mm 

Medium- 75mm x H 65mm

Large- 120mm x H 110mm

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