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Up New Super Diffuser System

Up New Super Diffuser System


New Super Diffuser System

  • Easy set-up & use.
  • Screw lock design that holds the air tube & water tube securely.
  • Adopt fine ceramic and increase the CO2 dissolved effect.
  • Adopt replacement or clean ceramic tube design for durable and safe to use.
  • There are two specifications 12/16mm, 16/22mm, available for all kind of external filter to connect
  • Pay attention: Super diffuser requires a minimum working pressure of 2.5kg/cm2 (36psi) or higher. Must use PU tube (like A-600) or hard air tube (like A-617), when connecting to the CO2 regulator.


S-Small Tube

  • D-519-12-S
  • D-519-16-S


L-Large Tube

  • D-519-12-L
  • D-519-16-L


T-Twin Tube

  • D-519-12-T


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