UP-Aqua New Diffuser

UP-Aqua New Diffuser


UP-Aqua New Diffuser

  • The UP-Aqua New Diffuser is a small and unobtrusive CO2 diffuser with great performance. Excellent CO2 dissolution rates, easy maintenance, and durable materials make this diffuser a perfect choice for all planted tanks.
  • Designed to be used like a regular glass CO2 diffuser, but with the added addition of seeing the number of bubbles injected into the aquarium. Small, easy to clean, and hardwearing - this is the perfect diffuser for pressurized CO2 injection. Can be used in both low pressure and high-pressure systems. 



  • High quality ceramic disc enabling optimum diffusion effects
  • With the additional function of being a CO2 bubble counter



  • Please install the ceramic disk into the O-ring and fill water into the bottom cup and then assemble it before use


Small (G-025-S) - 60cm tank below

Large (G-025-L) - 60cm tank above