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UP 3 in 1 External Cycle Guppy Breeding Box

UP 3 in 1 External Cycle Guppy Breeding Box

SKU: D-631-EX

UP Aqua 3 in 1 Aquarium D-631-EX External Cycle Breeding Box Plastic Tank

The external cycle breeder box provide  circulation of water, in order to cultivate nitro bacteria and increase oxygen content to create a optimum living environment for the fishes..
Breeding Tank Function:
1. The only external water circulation breeding tank that provide sufficient, oxygen for spawning fishes,so as to increase productivity and also provide a            good living environment for the fishes.
2. Divider is provided to separate the new born fishes from being eaten up by the adult fish.
3. Remove the divider to transform into a feeding & treatment tank.
Product highlight:

1.Spacious breeder box

2.Comes with a divider to separate adult and baby fishes

3.Alternative filter option, attach an air pump for filtration

4.Top cover to prevent fishes from jumping out

Feeding Tank & Treatment Tank Function:

1. To isolate sick and injured fishes to prevent more causality.
2. For quarantine of new fishes and observation purposes. 
3. For new fishes to adapt to the new environment before introducing it directly to the tank. 
4. To keep small fishes, small tortoise, shrimp... etc
Dimension : 23 x 12 x 15cm(H) 


Wight: approx 590g 
Package include: 1 x D-631-EX Breeding Box

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