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Super - Mini Air Pump

Super - Mini Air Pump



  • Super mini, super silent, and long life.
  • Together use with air stone to increase oxygen in the water.
  • Together use with pneumatic decorations to increase good view in the tank.
  • ​Together use with pneumatic filter, sponge filter or bottom filter to get the optimum filtering and increase oxygen in the water.


  • Hang on and use directly.
  • Can hold on to 6mm glass thickness.
  • Attach with 1-meter air tube and 1x mini air stone


  • 1x air pump
  • 1x mini air stone
  • 1meter air tube


Voltage- AC 220V/50Hz

Walt- 0.9W

Pressure- 1.8 psi

Output- 0.45L/min 

Noise- <35dB

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