Everybody loves Dachshies! Royal Canin has a special love for Dachshunds and that's why they've formulated a special mix just for them. 

This dry food mix is a complete food for adult Dachshunds over 10 months old. It improves their muscle tone by providing added protein, keeping them strong and healthyas they age. The kibble is square in shape and crunchy in texture - it has a delicious meaty flavour they're bound to love. 

The mix will also assist with reducing the volume and odour of your Dachshie's stools because it contains loads of fibre.

Rice, dehydrated poultry protein, vegetable protein isolate, animal fats, vegetable fibres, minerals, beet pulp, fish oil, soya oil, green tea and grape extracts. List of ingredients is not exhaustive, for more information or if you have concerns about allergies.

Feeding Guide:
Daily feeding will vary depending on the age and temperament of your dog. Portion sizes range from 43g to 166g daily. Always provide your dog with fresh, clean water and do not overfeed. 

Make the switch to a food that was made for them! Try Royal Canin Dachshund mix today.