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OF Smart UVC 7W Internal Filter 56-100 Litre Tanks

OF Smart UVC 7W Internal Filter 56-100 Litre Tanks


Ocean Free Smart UVC combines UV-C Sterilisation with in a internal filter creating a neat all in one filter giving great filtration and improved filtration over all.


  • 7 Watt UV-C
  • UV-C Intensity 30000
  • Adjustable flow 280-500lph
  • Multi-staged filtration for maximized efficiency.
  • Plug & Play; no complicated installation required.
  • Adjustable flow direction.
  • Adjustable ftow-rate.
  • Quiet and efficient.
  • Uses just 7 watts
  • For tanks about 56-100 litres
  • Max Output 500lph

  • Utilising a specially designed core, the SMART Internal Filter cleans, detoxifies and treats the water with 3 filtration stages - Mechanical, Biological and Chemical fittration. 

    The main bio-foam compartment combined with the chemical filtration shaft ensures organic waste and their toxic by-products are effectively broken down, providing optimum conditions for your fishes.

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