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Oase Vitronic Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Oase Vitronic Ultra Violet Clarifiers


The Oase Vitronic range of Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVCs) are well designed and of a very high build quality. Water is pumped (using a separate pump) from your pond, through the UVC and then into a filter or straight back into the pond, sometimes via a waterfall or feature. As the water passes by the internal UV lamp, the green algae is killed and your pond water is clearer when it returns.

  • Uses the same technology as the Oase Filtoclear pressure filters
  • 18w and up models includes inspection window so you can see that the lamp is working
  • Quick release closure technology for easy lamp changing (recommended every 12 months, as with all UVCs)
  • Can be wall mounted or attached to some models of Oase gravity filters (Vitronic 18, 24 or 36w can be mounted on Biosmart 18000 or 36000)
  • Can be used inline with existing pump and filter setup of any brand, assuming the flow rates and pressure are within the operating specifications
  • Clears green water fast
  • Availabile in 4 different sizes, for ponds up to 60,000L

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