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Oase Filtral 1500 UVC Pump

Oase Filtral 1500 UVC Pump


he Oase Filtral is an underwater filter with integrated pump and UVC clarifier. The filter media and the UVC clarifier integrated in the device remove dirt, algae and bacteria. The device can be used to create a water feature using the nozzle pipe and the nozzle inserts provided. There is only one power cable leading into the pond and no large filter system and hoses to impair the look of the pond.



  • Compact filter unit with UVC technology and 4 different filter materials
  • Height adjustable fountain attachment for adaptation to the specific water depth
  • Adjustable T-piece for operating spouts and small watercourses
  • Suitable for ponds and preformed pools
  • only suitable to use with the included fountain kit - not suitable for running statuaries or waterfalls etc



Max Pond Volume

(no fish)

Max Pond Volume

(with Gold Fish)

Max Head (m)Max Flow (lph)Power
Filtral 15001500L700L0.956018W5W UVC 
Filtral 30003000L1500L1.8120036W9W UVC 
Filtral 60006000L3000L2.1170052W11W UVC

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