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Nutrafin Max Goldfish Flakes

Nutrafin Max Goldfish Flakes


Nutrafin Max Goldfish Fakes is a nutritious highly palatable formula naturally coloured by its ingredients featuring wheat germ meal as well as a new natural binder that supports digestive conditions in a high value format. It also contains multi-vitamins and Advanced Yeast Extract (pre-biotics) for digestive system support and more for the ultimate in goldfish nutrition.


Nutrifin Max Foods


Nutrafin Max fish foods pioneered the concept of low ash low phosphorus formulations for improved water quality and the innovation has continued with this high quality new range. The new line up includes improved recipes for old favourites using some innovative new ingredients, plus a whole host of specialist foods including foods for Discus, predatory fish and plecos. The ingredients used throughout the range have been chosen to make the foods extremely palatable, to supply optimum health and to give fish bright, vibrant colours.

The Tasty Choice

New Nutrafin Max is amazingly tasty and causes a feeding frenzy as soon as it's added to the tank! The primary protein source is fishmeal made from the finest Alaskan pollock - this is incredibly palatable and is also rich in omega 3, essential in a fish's diet. Salmon oil, garlic and earthworm meal are also used in many formulas to make a food which is irresistible to all fish. Some of the 'treat' foods also include tasty freeze dried brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and spirulina to give your fish a rich and varied diet.

The Healthy Choice

Protein is one of the most important elements of a fish's diet but not all protein is equal. The main protein source in Nutrafin Max is derived from fishmeal processed in a unique way to create a pure protein source high in nutrition and low in ash to minimise waste. Earthworm meal is used as an additional protein source in many formulas as studies have shown it can improve spawning abilities as well as improving palatability. 

Nutrafin Max contains an advanced yeast extract; a source of pre-biotics which help prevent the growth of pathogenic, harmful bacteria as well as helping to support (or maintain) the immune system, contributing to their long term well being. 

All recipes are rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for general health and growth and, unlike most other fish foods, the complete mix of added vitamins are all stabilised to ensure they stay fresh and active for the maximum time possible. Vitamin B rich wheat germ has also been added to help fight stress, increase fertility and provide a source of multi-minerals.

The Vibrant Choice

Your fish will look better than ever with bright, vibrant colours thanks to the natural colour enhancers used throughout the Nutrafin Max range. No artificial colours are used, unlike some manufacturers who use artificial colourants to make the food itself look bright. Nutrafin Max is different...the natural colour enhancers used target specific common shades such as red and yellow to really bring out the natural colours of your fish.

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