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SKU: AZ 40025

1 .Made from condensed long-lasting dormant bacteria powder under dry and
    low temperature circumstances, with highest proportion of bacteria,
    can be re-activated after 8 hours reaction with water.
2. Optimal proportion of several beneficial aerobic bacteria and multi
    compound probiotics, 10 billion active bacteria per gram.
3. Rapidly decomposes toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite.
    Eliminates cloudy water, bad smell, protein, oil and foam on the water surface.
4. Effectively raise the buffer capacity in the aquarium, lowering the
    impacts during large volume water changes or caused by living creatures
    death in the aquarium.
5. With unique “Biocontrol-Biological Control” technology, helps
    effectively inhibit pathogens growth.
6. Helps build up beneficial bacteria in fish intestines instantly,
    for better digestion and nutrients absorption, promoting fish’s vitality
    and body color.
7. Contains special growth medium. Helps bacteria multiply rapidly and
    absorb the pollutants in the water.

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