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SKU: AZ 40026

1. Made from condensed long-lasting dormant bacteria powder under dry and
    low temperature circumstances, with highest proportion of bacteria,
    can be re-activated after 8 hours reaction with water.
2. Optimal proportion of several beneficial compound anaerobic bacteria,
    And multi compound probiotics, 10 billion active bacteria per gram.
3. Rapidly builds up denitrifying bacteria in the substrates to
    decomposeNO3 , NH3 and H2S for a healthy and stable system.
4. Rapidly decomposes mass pollutants in the gravel and filtration
    tank Eliminates darkened substrate and bad smell problems.
    Restore gravel to the best purification.
5. Contains special growth medium. Helps bacteria multiply rapidly and
    absorb the pollutants in the water.


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