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Laguna Pond Submersible Water Pump

Laguna Pond Submersible Water Pump


Submersible Water Pumps

• Ideal for fountains, statuary and hydroponics
• Low maintenance
• Quiet, trouble free operation
• Energy efficient
• Oil free, magnetic driven motor results in low operating costs
• Adjustable water flow

Laguna Statuary Pumps are ideal for small indoor and outdoor statuary, fountains, and waterfalls. These low-voltage water circulating pumps consume low amounts of electricity.

The motor is hermetically sealed, with all live electrical parts immersed in protective epoxy resin, to provide total insulation against water damage and electrical shock. As a result, the pumps can be completely submersed in water and operate continuously.



WATER PUMPPT8100PT8105PT8110PT8115PT8120PT8125
(80 US GPH)
454 LPH 
(120 US GPH)
760 LPH 
(200 US GPH)
1780 LPH 
(470 US GPH)
2500 LPH 
(660 US GPH)
2800 LPH 
(750 US GPH)
MAX. HEAD HEIGHT73 cm (28.7")178 cm (70")230 cm (90.5")240 cm (94.5")290 cm (114")380 cm (149.5")
OUTLET CONNECTION10.5 mm (0.4")10.5 mm (0.4")12.5 mm (0.5")20.3 mm (0.79")20.3 mm (0.79")20.3 mm (0.79")
POWER CORD LENGTH1.8 m (6')1.8 m (6')1.8 m (6')1.8 m (6')5.4 m (17.7')5.4 m (17.7')
WATTS4.2 W8.1 W14.9 W24.5 W45 W69.4 W

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