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Hydor External Heaters

Hydor External Heaters



The inline allows the heater to sit outside the tank. This means less gear in the tank and more water and room for your fish to swim in, plus heaters can look a little ugly in a tank. Hydor have invented the first and unique external heater for aquariums with the exclusive PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) technology.
The self-limiting PTC heating element guarantees maximum safety against any risk of overheating. The exclusive technology and the high quality of the components guarantee a long lasting product.
Suitable for canister filters and sump tanks. Below is a guide for tank size and this will depend on the ambient room temperature and the temperature you set it at. 200 watt – 100-200 litres
300 watt – 200-300 litres
Why choose to buy an inline heater?
If you want the focus of viewers to be on the efforts and the beauty of the design you have created within your aquarium and not on all of the hardware needed to keep your aquarium working then this is the ideal chance to minimize the amount of hardware in the tank.
The Hydor ETH  In-Line Heater solves this problem very easily.
As the ETH heaters connect to the outflow of any canister filter or the return from any sump to the tank. This will then evenly distribute heat throughout the aquarium, while staying neatly hidden beneath your aquarium in the cabinet. The Hydor ETH 200 or 300 In-Line Heaters are rated at either 200 or 300 watts. Conventional thinking suggests that 300 watts would be sufficient for up to a 270 litre / 60 gallon aquarium. Many have applied this theory for years, but it is quite conservative for an in-line heater. The circulation through this heater allows it to work much more efficiently. We have customers happily running the 3oo heater on a tank of over 100 gallons
Setting the temperature on the heater is so simple. No more wet hands!!
Setting the working temperature is done using the red dial on the outside of the heater. The temperature settings are clearly marked, and once it is set, the unit is found to be very consistent.
As with most aquarium heaters a red LED lets you know when the heater is on. Construction
The Hydor ETH In-Line Heaters are constructed from a durable plastic.
Inside is a glass tube through which the water passes. Wrapped around the glass tube is a conductive heating element that heats the water as it flows through the tube.
Each end of the glass tube is attached to a connector and sealed with a rubber gasket.
The connectors are designed to clamp perfectly onto the filter tubing, the sizes are shown for each 

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