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Fuso Growth Floating Koi Food Green/,3mm,6mm,8mm 800g

Fuso Growth Floating Koi Food Green/,3mm,6mm,8mm 800g



It is a complete feed prepared for koi fish, with balanced nutrition, good digestion and absorption, long-term use, love carp health, and beautiful body. Floatability, easy feeding and no pollution to water quality. The addition of wheat germ has good palatability, contains special minerals and rich vitamins, which can enhance disease resistance and keep skin shiny and bright. Good palatability, good digestion and absorption. The addition of Antarctic shrimp powder can brighten the color, and the natural color-raising ingredients have a significant effect, enhance and maintain the bright body color, and enhance the immune system of koi. It is floating and does not pollute water quality.

●Floating and easy feeding, no water pollution

●Good palatability, easy to digest, easy to absorb

●Adding Antarctic shrimp powder, can brighten colors

●Protein 36%↑, fat 4%↑, fiber 4%↓, ash content 12%↓ , Moisture 10%↓

1, feed 2 to 3 times a day.

2. It is better to eat the beloved fish within 5 minutes for each feeding amount.

3. Remove uneaten feed in time to avoid water pollution.

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