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AZOO REEF SALT(High Calcium)

AZOO REEF SALT(High Calcium)


For saltwater and reef aquariums



1. AZOO REEF SALT is a synthetic sea salt for all creatures living around coral


2. AZOO REEF SALT provides fish, invertebrates or seaweed with an optimal

    environment in which creatures can grow healthily and even breed their next


3. AZOO REEF SALT is composed of all elements in natural seawater. This

    synthetic sea salt is precisely prepared to be in accordance with the natural

    proportion of major, minor and trace elements that are found in natural seawater

    to make its quality close to real sea  salt. This accurate preparation ensures

    consistently high quality in each bag of AZOO REEF SALT. This uniform quality in

    each bag will not deviate because of water changes or uses at different times.

4. AZOO REEF SALT passed extensive and sophisticated biological and chemical

    test experiments.

5. AZOO REEF SALT completely fulfills the strict standards of oceanic scientists

    and ocean museums; it enables us to successfully breed hundreds of marine

    creatures. Nitrate and phosphate free AZOO REEF SALT disables substantial

    growth of algae. In addition, its instant solubility that does not clondy

    the water and makes it suitable for appreciation and breeding in aquarium

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