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AZOO Plus Ultra Bioguard

AZOO Plus Ultra Bioguard


For freshwater, aquatic plants, saltwater, reef aquariums and ponds.


High concentration of natural aerobic and anaerobic probiotics

  • Our probiotics can quicjly decompose nitrous acid, ammonia, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances. They can further purify the aquarium bottom and filter organic matter, biological waste, uneaten feed and other pollutants, thereby preventing the source of water contamination to reduce the growth of algae.


Proprietary microbial symbiosis preservation technology

  • Our propoetary technology allows long-term preservation of various microbial strains to maintain their optimal activity and efficacy. They continue to grow over time to gradually give the product a darker color and their decomposition capactiy is further enhanced.


Can be applied directly to dry aquarium gravel or filter media

  • The strains have good tolerance and are highly active in all sorts of environments. For complete adherance of the strains, they can be applied directly to dry aquarium gravel or filter media, and are activated once in water


Amazing antibacterial abilities

  • Numerous highly active Bacillus and Lactobacillus strains provide over 95% inhibition effect against Vibrio vulnificus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, greatly reducing the chance of fish disease and infection for improved survival.


Quickly get rid of odor to leave a sweet smell

  • Our advanced fermentation technology gives the strains a sweet smell, plus special purple non-sulfur bacteria to remove sulfur and nitrogen impurities to rapidly get rid of an odour.


Natural food for juvenille shrimps and fish

  • Abunant probiotics with cell diameter up to 10um. They can be used directly to feed juvenile shrimps and fish, or be added to the feed of ornamental organisms. Quickly establishing themselves as the dominant intestinal species, they help with digestion, improve the survival rate, and boost the immune system.

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