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Superb Decomposition Capability

  • This brand new SUPREME BIOGUARD uses a new production process and the innovative technology of our "AZOO PLUS" research and developmental department. It contains selected new strains of highly active aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for the optimal decomposition capability and solves the problem of unfavourable water conditions and odors in the aquarium.


Perfect Fish and Filtration System Protection Mechanism

  1. The new bio technology application provides an ideal protection mechanism for fish and filtration systems in the aquarium.
  2. Effectively and instantly decomposes organic matter, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and hydrogen sulfide.
  3. Becomes the dominant and beneficial bacteria in the aquarium to inhibit pathogen growth,


360 Hours Fermentation Process

  • Yes! We have gone beyond the global industry's highest standard in our SUPREME BIOGUARD. There are 10 million living cells per millilitre to maintain the highest level of activity and to sustain a perfectly stable water system from now on!


Optimum Bio Culture

  • Guarantee each millilitre contains 10^9 bacteria that stay well active for the best working results.



  1. Specially formulated for the best care of troipical freshwater fish.
  2. Selected aerobic and anaerobic bacteria collected from nature, chemical free. Outstanding decomposition capability of pollutants in aquariums. Provides a high efficiency bio filtration mechanism.
  3. Instantly decomposes organic compounds, ammonia, nitrite, nirtrate, hydrogen sulfide, and other harmful substances. Breaks down the biological waste from fish aand uneaten food, blocking the source of water pollution in an aquarium.
  4. Quickly becomes the domminant bacteria to effectively inhibit pathogen growth.
  5. Builds up a healthy and long-term bio system for stabilized water conditions. Lowers the fish's stress and increases the dissolved oxygen level.
  6. Clears cloudy water, restores the water quality and removes bad odors.
  7. Efficient decomposition capability in the substrate and filtration system, completely cleans pollutants in the gravel and filters. It also facilitates the growth of plant roots and promotes fertiliser absorption.


The Main Components

  • Bacillius sp, Aspergillus sp, Rhodopseudomonas sp, Alcaligenes sp.

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