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  1. Specially formulated for the best care of tropical freshwater fish.
  2. Perfect protection mechanisms for fish. Instantly eliminate ammonia (NH3), chloroamines, residual chlorine, heavy metals and other toxic substances in the aquarium.
  3. Conmtains a variety of natural beneficial ingredients and almond leaf extract that significantly enhances its antibacterial capability. Can simulate a natural water environment that allows the fish to adapt quickly and to grow with a natural look.
  4. Provides pH equillibrium mechanisms, which can effectively reduce the fluctuations of pH values, when changing the water to enhance stability.
  5. A unique antibacterial mechanism that can strengthen the fish's body, creating an antibacterial film protecting their body and gills. Effectively protecting their wounds from infection and help with recovery.
  6. Rich in B vitamins to boost their immune system and metabolism, helping the fish stay in good shape and promote their healthy growth.

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